This game is Mabinogi hosted by Nexon America

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This game is Mabinogi hosted by Nexon America. My friends and I played this game for a long while, but most of them did quit after around a year of playing due to too many bugs. This game is a MMORPG where it began with a paper, rock, and scissors type of game play. Later on they added more and more skills that defied that battle format. The paper, rock, scissors format is where monsters will load certain gestures and you will select your own gesture to attack them and most of the later monsters you cannot tell the gestures done. Each gesture does have a movement trait that each character/monster takes when you use each gesture, thus you can guess what the monsters are doing even if you cannot read their gesture.

The mmorpg allows the characters to level up as much as they want and rebirth back to level 1 to level back up again to gain these “skill points”. Each skill requires skill points to rank up and become “stronger” and thus multiple rebirths are necessary. Each Saturday your character gets one year older. They implimented a free rebirth system eventually, which allowed users to rebirth once you hit age 20. The oldest you can rebirth to is age 17, thus three weeks per rebirth unless you pay real cash

This is a game that seems like it could be the game I could play for a long time, but Nexon America devastate that thought. Unfortunately their company does not check for bugs and just blindly update the server through the Korean Test Server patches. Thus yielding many issues/people losing items. Nexon America’s worst issue is customer support, if you lose items with rare colors/enchants, you will get an item back but with no enchants/ not original colors. Basically you may have spent real money on their rare special items and get a normal one back. We had a few cases where people got an item back and the item disappears after relogging. Customers also have to wait months and months for a response from their department. Most of the time they do not read the tickets or respond at all.

Nexon America also decided to go “customize” certain parts of the game that induces lag and thus everyone lags when they play in certain areas. Slowly the server was losing the most players due to people who used programs that packet edits that will crash people and give them gm like powers that corrupted player data. There is also the normal mmorpg trouble makers who are duping and harassing other players. Spam bots still exist as the lack of gms on that game makes it unbearable at times. They also took half a year to fix the character corruption bug that reoccurs every so often and thus people do quit from that.

Hearing about the Korean servers and other successful servers makes you envious. The only server that is worst than Nexon America, has to be Nexon Europe that was destroyed due to the lack of maintenance.

Overall, it is a good game but the lack of a good game host that maintains the game even a little makes it a horrible experience for many others.

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